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There is a feeling of freshness, of renewal after a journey to the world between worlds, the rio debajo rio (as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says). This mask, just as a lot of my art, is a messenger that slithers through the spaces between. They come back with new skin, fresh flowers, and time to integrate lessons and experiences.

This mask was created by Marcela

in 2017 with mixed media (paper maché, beads, artificial flowers).

Serpentla is a one of a kind creation of wearable art. It can also be hung on the wall to decorate, protect, and bring forth its unique energy to your space and body.

The month of October 4 ppl will get free shipping on a package ! I will refund you the mailing fee if you are eligible ♡ or we can discuss b4 purchase.

"Serpentla" Hand Crafted Mask

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