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Marcela's newest painting "Pep Talk" is now available as a print.

"Pep Talk" 2023

Original created with Ink, pencil crayons, and watercolors on paper.

This piece is all about giving yourself, or parts of yourselves, a pep talk. In the rough mountains to the left, there is loss, signs of difficult times behind us. A little skeleton of a past self bears witness to how much you've grown.

The present self draws life from a deep well through the many moving tentacle like roots. The well is deep and vast, like the ocean and the cosmos.

A new self is emerging and you find yourself face to face with possibility and potential. Fears of the vastness of embodying all you can become are met with a heart to heart, a Pep talk from a blooming future self.

Above this scene, there is a celestial alignment. A solar eclipse. A new Moon's energy heightened. Solar eclipses and new Moons are signifiers of new beginings, a clean slate to build and plant upon.

"Pep Talk" Art Print 12x12"

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